Log storage in Surrey and the surrounding areas? Need to store your logs? Here are some tips.

What is the key facts about storage and drying of logs?

Some great tips on log storage in Surrey and surrounding areas. We only sell seasoned fire/stove ready barn dried chopped logs. However, you may mix this with local sources of logs and so here are some tips for drying and seasoning. Believe it or not, studies have shown that covering wet logs while they are seasoned doesn’t actually make any difference to the speed or outcome of seasoning. Obviously it’s sensible to cover wet logs so that when they are seasoned, you can handle them as a dry log pile rather than a wet one.  It makes sense. A bit of rain isn’t realistically going to soak back into a drying log. Well, not unless you submerge it! The rain will coat the outside of the upper layers, but soon dry again.

Top tips for keeping logs dry

Irrespective of seasoning, we recommend purchasing a sheet of damp proof membrane or other plastic. You an cut this into a strip, then place on top of your log pile. After doing this, place a single layer of logs on top of the sheet to hide it. You will then have a nice dry log pile (except the top layer which you can rotate into the pile later) and it’ll look great! If you are lucky to have a purpose built log pile, then depending on size, try to use a logical approach to re-stocking and rotating. We mean, leave a space for new deliveries so you can pull out the oldest logs for burning to keep a sensible rotation of logs. This may not be essential of all your logs are purchased from Hogs Back Logs because they will all be fire ready, seasoned and dry.

There is something very satisfying about creating a beautiful wall of chopped logs. We recommend for safety that you don’t create a pile higher than your chest, and even if you do stack that high, we recommend creating two rows stacked together with full width logs placed across the two wall stacks to help with stability. This is all common sense. As an adult, there is almost no risk from a collapse, but if you have small children IT IS CRITICAL you ensure your log storage is stable and safe.

To read more about drying logs and log storage, visit this page or to check out the science behind burning logs, then visit our science popup on the home page.

An important note on seasoning

We mainly supply Beech and Ash logs. Beech wood is a harder wood with smaller cells (much like Oak) and needs at least two summers to season sufficiently before it can be used to fuel your fire or log burning stove in Surrey. All our beach logs are properly seasoned and ready to burn. Ash is a faster growing broadleaf tree which only requires one season to properly dry. However, most of our ash matches the beech for season timings. It is a good idea to mix your firewood and we deliver both Beech and Ash together.